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29LINE provides AN online ONLY, EXCLUSIVE merchandise PLATFORM FOR bands, musicians,, venues, organizations, events & festivals.

TRULY SUPPORT your favoriteS & get your HANDS ON SOME AWESOME limited edition merch.

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Musician? Band? Artist? Venue? Festival? Organization? READ ON...

Hey 29, what can THE29LINE do for me?

ON Demand
$0 Cost
We build your online merch brand together... and it costs you nothing.


Start another revenue stream to compliment your existing on-hand merch, or make this your primary merch outlet, and upload fresh designs.... for free. You get paid for every product of yours that sells at your THE29LINE.com/MyVenue online store. *NOTE: SOME ORGANIZATIONS/NON-PROFITS OPT FOR NO PROFIT SHARE.

​Imagine Having The Coolest Designed Merchandise On the Backs, Fronts, Feet, Heads, Hands And More Of People ALL OVER the World With YOUR Design, Logo, Event, Band Or Whatever, Whenever.

IMAGINE Not Investing a Single Dollar in Inventory, Distribution Management, Security, Shipping, Credit Card fees, or Marketing!

Imagine Having A Partner To Do All That For You and, This Is The Great Part, You Get Paid 10% of Retail Cost For Each Item Sold Out There Into The Big, Beautiful Universe, When It Cost You $0, ZERO, NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH, ZIPPO... EVER.

Yep, we do that. You get all of the benefits and none of the costs.

The more we partner together to SELL YOUR AWESOMENESS, THAT YOU PAID NOTHING FOR, THE MORE YOU MAKE... how NUTS is that?

Your personalized, one of a kind, available exclusively online, merch line! Approved by you, designed by us, or by you, whatever!

Let us know what yer thinking, we WANNA PARTNER with you...


Ok 29! So how do I get started with getting my merch on THE29LINE?

Just use the contact form and let us know what you're thinking! We love helping our beloved music community!